Every pine cone tells a story, we want to hear Yours!
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How do they do that? 😲 The Natural Wonders of the Pine Cone

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pine cone action online

This time lapse video shows the pine cone opening, incredible. 

Pine cone are natural elements of our tree world. They are developed by conifer trees and the seeds are enclosed inside the cones. They start out small and grow but often do not open until much later. Pine cones open and close based on their level of dryness. Some pine cones like the pitch pine and knobcone pine need really hot temperatures to open .  

  • For some species, the cones remain tightly closed until exposed to very warm temperatures and/or dry conditions. If you warm the cones up  ( 30 -60 seconds in the microwave) they may open up for a fuller look and may heighten the great woodsy odor as well. 

 Decorate your world with these natural beauties, because of their widespread occurrence, conifer cones have been a traditional part of the arts and crafts of cultures where conifers are common, the possibilities are endless. 


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  • Cara on

    That is amazing, I didn’t know you could open them up with heat, thanks.

  • Grace on

    that is so awesome. love it

  • Nigel on

    Hi there,
    so cool, really caught my eye.

  • Sierra on

    love it ?

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