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The Search for Giant Pine Cones and a Holiday Urn for All Seasons

Holiday Decorating Inspired by Nature
Several years ago I was visiting my local garden center in early December. They had the most beautiful urn with a gorgeous combination of greens I have ever seen. The white birch are always one of the best additions but I spotted a glorious arrangements with the biggest pine cone I had ever seen. With the ilex holly and 3 different fresh greens the pine cone just made it spectacular, I was totally sold and being a bit of a diy I purchased the urn.


holiday diy
Back home we had some holly berries as well as a few of the greens for the urn, but where to find that giant pine cone was an issue. They are not that easy to find. The long sugar pines are more common in garden centers durning the holiday decorating time so i started the "search". The search that year was successful with several trip and phone calls I found a really big sugar pine cone, the crowing glory of my arrangement.
Every year our house is adorned with this beautiful Outdoor Christmas arrangement that our neighbors and friends comment on emphatically. The urn is now a permanent fixture at our front door with flowers in the summer ,sometimes a fall arrangements but the Christmas Urn is always the crème de la crème of our Holiday Decorations. 

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