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Welcome to the House of Cones

       Our Store is Categorized by Pine Cone Size and Use. Enjoy
 Every pine cone tells a story and at House of Cones we want to know yours, so when you complete your custom cone arts and crafts, please share your magnificence with us via pictures and stories. We would love to hear from you.
House of Cones is a comprehensive source for Pine Cones to serve all your crafting needs. From mini to giant cones we have a substantial selection from all over the USA including rare California Cones. Our collection of unique pine cones for sale are available for craft projects, florist supply, rustic interior design and wedding accents for kids of all ages; and growing all the time.
Invite Nature Indoors and let your DIY ideas transform your Home with
Beautiful Pine Cone Accents Ideas.

Share your Ideas with us as you discover interesting methods to transform these versatile seed capsules from the forest floor into your own cone creations.

      In Reference to the Term Pine Cones:
Technically only cones from Pine Trees should be called Pine Cones. For the purposes of House of Cones we are referring to  Pine Cones for all cones coming from conifer trees. Conifers are the cone-bearing trees and have been around for the past 200 million years, producing their unique cones as their means of reproduction and are easily distinguishable by evergreen needles instead of leaves, 100% eco, 10% natural.