Every pine cone tells a story, we want to hear Yours!
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Pine Cone Creations We Adore & Our Customer's Share

 Pam's Cones

A Fanciful Twist 
Beautiful Painted Pitch Pine Cones 

  • Did You Know?The Pinecone has been known to be a precursor to the flower, and its spines spiral in a perfect Fibonacci sequence in either direction, much like the Sacred Geometry of a rose or a sunflower.


September 2016   -   Absolutely Love this Pine Cone Basket by Linda Stoddard-Leonard
at her Esty Shop the Keepershouse Thank you Linda for sharing?

Pine Cone Basket


Rustic Weddings are Trending and for Spectacular Bridal Accents MKedraWedding
has a Stunning Selection of Wedding Boutonnieres made from Pine Cones

wedding boutonnieres with pine cones


 For some incredible Wedding Bouquets made from Pine Cones , Agita from
  FlowerDecoupage  creates these Winter woodland Wedding Bridal Sets , for a Rustic Touch, they are available in sets too!


Gorgeous Pine Cone Wreath by Michelle Golden from SouthernEscentuals: It is an exceptional .Fall Autumn Pinecone Zinnias Wreath. Each wreath will be painted in Autumn Fall colors and will be reminiscent of a real zinnia flowers, brilliant!


pine cone zinnia wreath


Pine Cone Jewelry with Jason. For his first attempt Jason has sent us his Knobcone Pine Cone Pendant Pictures. Nice Job !

third eye pine cone pendants diy     pine cone jewelry

Some more Jewelry with the Knobcone Pine Cones by Kyle, Another Lovely Pendant!

diy pine cone jewelry


 Vermontville Family Wreaths , is one of our customer and we love their work, their wreaths a so full, made with TLC and the scent of the Balsam Fir brings the outdoors in.

           20 x 20" decorated          or                                          30 x 30" not decorated 

balsam fir holiday wreaths             large holiday wreath for hotels


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