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Why are Pineapples are called "Pine Apple?

And what does it have to do with Pine Cones? 

It seems it all begins with our OLD friend, Christopher Columbus, world traveler, who first brought the pineapple back to Spain in 1493. According to a report by a Dr. T. Ombrello of Union County College, “the Spanish saw the fruit’s resemblance to a pine cone, and first called it,"Pine of the Indies.” The English then added an “apple” for its taste. Pineapples are very sweet with lots of natural sugar and used in many sweet drinks. Gather Pine Cones like friends, you never know when they will create a bit of happiness.

The Pine Cone shape like the pineapple, is common, unique and very recognizable. This picture is of a street light across the road from our house. I always thought it was Rare, but if you look around outdoors and in this shape is popular especially in the Tropics. 

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