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About Us

Welcome to the House of Cones, we offer a huge variety of Pine Cones to Supply your Cone needs, wants and desires. Based in the USA we gather cones from across the country and inventory them in our warehouse in Locke, NY. We have a shed full of cones ready to go at any given time for our FREE, FAST Shipping.

In Reference to the Term Pine Cones:  Technically only cones from Pine Trees should be called Pine cones. For the purposes of House of Cones we are referring to  Pine Cones for all cones coming from conifers. 

House of Cones believes that every cone tells a story, so you will see some information about the tree the cone comes from. We are hoping to finish the "cone" stories with your help by sharing your cone projects , how to's, creations, fun stuff so , Talk to US about your and your Cones. 

We would love to hear from you as well, let us know what you create with your cones and we will post your pictures and talk about you on our blog and social media pages.
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Our Cones are collected from the Forest all over the United States.
The seed is gently extracted with a Tumbler and the cone falls into a bin
at the end of the line. Distributed by Sheffield's Seed Co. 










Our cones have been offered on Amazon and Ebay for a few years , experiencing much interest we are expanding to offer even more cones as the cone demand is rising with cone jewelry and home decor in addition to the already massive Holiday cone business. 

We are excited to partner with shopify and hope you will like our "look", "stories", "customer crafts",  "products" and more, Made , Grown in the USA!

We are Taking Off!
Tumbling Away at HousofCones is brought to you
by our Team: Sheila, Peter, Tim, Rick, Joe, Jake & Sue
Cone Models Include: Eamon, Aiden and Erika 

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