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Knobcone Pine Cones, Medium Size (3-5")


These unique cones are newly popular for making beautiful pendants and other jewelry due to the density of the middle. The Pine Trees are grown in California in select areas and are tightly attached to the tree, a closed cone they have tough outer spines and can withstand fire. A Medium Cone  Size, the cone is easy to work with and very hardy from the Knobcone Pine Tree in a select region of California. 

Size:    Medium  Cone: The cones  3-5 inches long x  2-2.5 inches in diameter
Color & Texture: The scales end in a short stout prickle.

Condition: New Good Quality 
Tree:    Knobcone Pine: Latin Name: Pinus attenuata


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  • Rare California Cones
  • Popular for Jewelry and Pendants Due to their extreme dense nature
  • Home Decor, Beautiful lines when cut open 
  • Inexpensive, Nature Inspired, Bring the Outdoors In With these original cones
  • Premium durability, easy to work with and cut due to their dense nature
  • Cones are naturally imperfect, beautifully crafted by nature, made in the USA.
  • Keep out of hands of small children
  • Natural from the forest, no chemicals or preservatives applied. 

Did You Know?
The cones remain closed for many years until a fire opens them( in excess of 350 degrees F) and allows reseeding. As a result, the cones may even become embedded in the trunk as the tree grows.

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