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White Cedar Cones


 For a wonderful filler, choose these adorable tiny white cedar cones. A fantastic botanical they make great art decor for winter scenes and Christmas displays. 

Size:   Mini Cones 10–15 millimetres (38916 in) long and 4–5 millimetres (316316 in) 
Color:  Light Brown , Green-brown foliage

Condition: New Good Quality 
Tree:  White Cedar  :Latin Name: Thuja occidentalis

Choose Cone Count:  by Weight because they are light and include the soft evergreen foliage. 


  •  FREE Shipping
  • Fillers & Potpourri
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Nature Inspired Decorate for the Holiday Season
  • Crafted by nature, made in the USA.
  • Natural from forest, no chemicals or preservatives applied. 

Did You Know?

White cedar is a tree with important uses in traditional Ojibwe culture. Honored with the name Nookomis Giizhik ("Grandmother Cedar"), the tree is the subject of sacred legends and is considered a gift to humanity for its myriad uses, among them crafts, construction, and medicine. It is one of the four plants of the Ojibwe medicine wheel, associated with the north.

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