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Sitka Spruce Cones


Invite Nature Indoors & Transform your Home with Sitka Spruce Cones ,Natural Spruce Cones create a Rustic Look displayed in  bowls and/or glass vases creating  DIY  Inspired Centerpieces. Invite nature indoors for the holidays and transform your home into a Winter Wonderland with these versatile cones. The Sitka Spruce  are popular size for crafting with children due to their smallish size and character they lend to cone animal creations.

These small cones have little fluted scale tips that are unique to them and add some character to a wreath or arrangement. These cute small cones are ideal for a wide variety crafts uses. Can be painted or scented.Small Pine Cones are excellent craft supplies for holiday wreaths, Christmas ornaments and Rustic Decor for Mountain lodges . 

 Size:    Small  Cones: . Cones are pendulous, slender cylindrical, 6–10 cm (2.4–3.9 in) long  and 2 cm broad when closed, opening to 3 cm broad. 

Color & Texture :  They have thin, little fluted scale tips15–20 mm long; the bracts just above the scales are the longest of any spruce, maturing to  pale golden brown in color.
Tree:    Sitka Spruce  :Latin Name: Picea sitchensis

Choose Cone Count:  (320 cones)   
                                      (1600 cones) 


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  • Sitka spruce is named after a place called Sitka in Alaska.
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Unique looking cones, they add some originality to wreaths. 
  • Sitka spruce is a long-lived tree, with individuals over 700 years old known
  • Sitka spruce cones work best in displays such as glass vases or baskets, or incorporated in floral arrangements they are light and delicate
  • Inexpensive, Nature Inspired Decorate for the Holiday Season
  • Premium durability, easy to work with
  • Tip: For some species, the cones remain tightly closed until exposed to very warm temperatures or a short time in the oven or microwave. 
  • We collect the seed by gently tumbling the cones with the natural raw product, cones.
  • Cones are naturally imperfect, beautifully crafted by nature, made in the USA.
  • Keep out of hands of small children
  • Natural from forest, no chemicals or preservatives applied. 

Did You Know?

Sitka Spruce Tree is by far the largest species of spruce trees and the fifth largest conifer in the world .

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