Pine Cones are Naturally Elegant
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White Spruce Cones are Small Cones that are Excellent for Crafts


White Spruce Cones are excellent for holiday crafts and jewelry making . These quality cones are easy to work with, inexpensive and fun for crafters of all ages. Homemade ornaments, jewelry are beautiful creations with white spruce cones .

Invite nature indoors for the holidays and transform your home with natural cone ornaments, wreaths, centerpieces. We often include them in a glass vase with ornaments for a woodsy touch.

Size: Small cones :  3 to 7 cm (1.2 to 2.8 in) long and 2.5 cm (0.98 in) 
Color & Texture : Pale Brown; Scales are rounded and smooth and open when ripe,cones are cylindrical with thin flexible scales smoothly rounded
Condition: New Good Quality 

Tree: White Spruce Tree: Latin Name:  Picea glauca
Choose Cone Count: Small  ( 200 cones)   
                                      Large ( 450 cones) 


  • FREE Shipping
  • Naturally picked from forest  potpourri, jewelry
  • Commonly crafted in potpourri, jewelry
  • Fillers
  • Popular for Painted Flowers
  • Home Decor
  • Holiday Decor and Christmas Wreaths
  • Inexpensive
  • Premium durability, easy to work with
  • We collect the seed by gently tumbling the cones and the western larch cones are delivered naturally.
  • Cones are naturally imperfect, beautifully crafted by nature, made in the USA.
  • Keep out of hands of small children
  • Natural from forest, no chemicals or preservatives applied. 
  • Discount Pricing: The more you purchase the less you pay/cone. 

Did you Know?

Usually, white spruce live between 150-200 years old, but trees up to 1000 years old so there will be a good supply for cones !

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