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Douglas Fir Cones, Small Cones with Loads of Character for Crafting


Bring nature in with these unique cones from the mighty Douglas Fir Tree. They are soft, small cones very easy to work with and make the beautiful home decor in centerpieces or on mantels.  The common name honors David Douglas, a Scottish botanist, and collector who first reported the extraordinary nature and potential of the species, the second-tallest conifer in the world (after coastal redwood ) these ancient giants can grow to over 85 meters (278 feet) tall. That’s more than 25 stories high!

 Size:    Small  Cone: Cones are pendulous, 5–8 cm (2.0–3.1 in) long,2–3 cm (0.79–1.18 in) wide when closed, opening to a 4 cm (1.6 in) width.
Color:  Produced in spring, green at first, maturing orange-brown in the autumn.
Condition: New Good Quality 
Tree:  Douglas Fir  :Latin Name: Pseudotsuga menziesii


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  • Home Decor
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Unique-looking cones, add some originality to wreaths. 
  • Ideal for a wide variety of crafts uses. Can be painted or scented.
  • Holiday Decor and Christmas Wreaths
  • Inexpensive, Nature-Inspired Decorate for the Holiday Season
  • Premium durability, easy to work with
  • Tip: For some species, the cones remain tightly closed until exposed to very warm temperatures or for a short time in the oven or microwave. 
  • We collect the seed by gently tumbling the cones with the natural raw product, cones.
  • Cones are naturally imperfect, beautifully crafted by nature, and made in the USA.
  • Natural from the forest, no chemicals or preservatives are applied. 

Did You Know?
For littler critters, these trees – or more specifically, their seed-filled cones – are a vital food source.

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