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The Many Benefits of Adding Alder Pine Cones to your Aquarium

If you want to create a healthy environment for aquarium life or if you care about the health of your fish, then you’re in for an eye-opening tip. Let nature be your teacher by adding Alder pine cones to your aquarium, you will not only help lower the pH of the aquatic environment but possibly stimulate breeding and provide an anti bacterial agent to your aquarium water.

alder pine cones aquarium


The fact is our tap water is essentially free of humic substances, due to the purification it undergoes to keep humans healthy and safe.

Alder cones are tiny pine cones that have been used successfully for years in aquatic environments because they release humic substances into the water, the ideal water conditions for acidic-loving animal. Fish and Shrimp enjoy a long life with ideal levels of acid in their living environment, the health of the aquarium depends on a good balance to maintain life.

The good news is that you can try this affordable method of creating a healthy aquarium naturally by simply adding these miniature pine cones. These decorative, tiny pine cones add some natural beauty to your aquarium while they release tannins and humic acids providing anti fungal and anti bacterial agents into the water, helping to lower the ph.

Fish tank with shrimp love to nibble on the biofilm on the surface of the miniature pine cones and the cones provide good hiding spots for young / molting shrimp. Even small quantities of alder cones in an aquarium are beneficial. Alder Tree Cones are ½ - 1” in size and need to be added in small quantities at a time as the tank’s ph is properly monitored.

The alder pine cones may take 1- 2 days to sink to the tank bottom, and then continue to monitor as the water darkens. The tannins in the tiny alder cones are more potent than some other products, so monitoring the darkness of the water should be a good sign to judge how many cones to add.

We have heard 1-3 cones/20 liters but check with your pet store to be sure, as all tanks and fish/shrimp combination are different.

Fortunately, we have alder cones for sale here in our shop. Click here to shop for miniature alder cones. Or, please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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  • Chris Butt on

    I have 25 in a 10 gallon shrimp tank, and my RCS are really happy shrimp and shrimplets..

  • Marcie on

    we are aquarium people and this sounds like a great idea, thanks.

  • Chris on

    Great information, we use the alder cones and our customers really like them.

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