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Pine Cones are the Official Maine State Flower🌻 , What!

Maine is known for its beautiful sea coast. 

coast of maine

And When in Maine you can't help but notice PIne Cones are a Theme

pine cone maine licence plate

But Did you know, Pine cones are the official Maine State Flower!

What do you think when you think flowers🌼, beauty with symmetrical lines , fragrant delicate petals? Did you have any idea that Maine considers a flower to be a  brown, woody object with  scales. So are pine cones flowers, scientifically speaking? No, actually they are not, which makes them the only official state flower that are not flowers at all . Cones are known in the botanical world as gymnosperm (seeds), and date back to prehistoric times - but so are flowers, ancient that is and both are symmetrical etc.

 Adopted by the Legislature of 1895. The White pine (Pinus strobus)   considered to be the largest conifer in the northeastern United States, dominates the state's picturesque landscape. Maine adopted this White Pine Cone as its' flower after its use int he National Garland of Flowers at the 1893 World's Fair. Lawmakers chose the White Pine Cone because the state was commonly known as the Pine Tree State!

white pine cones



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  • Maretta on

    I live in Maine and have just learned something, thanks Ha Ha

  • Jess on

    Thanks for the info, I collect pine cones in Maine all the time but the flower is a new one for me.

  • Rob on

    I have visited Maine and noticed the licence plates , state flower interesting!

  • josh on

    I did not know that!

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