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Pine Cone Crafty Ideas for Christmas Decorating in May!😲

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? No, it is time to start getting ideas, and because we want to create with Pine Cones, you can start to pick them UP. 

Invite nature indoors for the holidays and transform your home with decorative pine cones for a Rustic Feel.  We often include them in a glass vase with ornaments for a woodsy touch. 

 House of Cones welcomes your ideas, send them in to Sheila@houseofcones.com and we will share all of your great ideas. Here are some of ours. 


Glass Vases with Pine Cones

Gorgeous Vase with Christmas Ornaments and Small Pine Cones


Christmas Gift   Dressed up with Pine Cones

 Decorate your Christmas Gifts with Pine Cones like Sitka Spruce 

Christmas Tree Ornament with Pine Cones

Pine Cone Christmas Tree is Adorable for Table Centerpieces with Torrey Pine Cones


Adler Cone Christmas Ornament

Pine Cone Christmas Ornament a Fun Craft with Mini Alder Pine Cones 

These versatile cones are are popular size for crafting for kids of all ages. 

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  • Gabby on

    Love those giant pine cones, they look brilliant in the urn!

  • Greg on

    Thanks for the ideas, we always do the outdoor pot with birch sticks and greenery , like adding a cone.

  • Rachel on

    I saw a bunch of pine cones on the ground, I guess I will have to pick them up. Great ideas!

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