Every pine cone tells a story, we want to hear Yours!
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Rare Pinecones Perfect for Creating Primitive Eco Jewelry

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Mother Nature has produced a highly developed a pine tree cone that is the densest pine cone on the planet, with the power to withstand fire, similar to Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. We are talking about the remarkable Knobcone Pine Cone found in select forest areas in  Oregon and California .  Pinecones have been around and revered since ancient civilizations, the fruit (or seed) of the evergreen, a special symbol connected to ideas of eternal life.

Large Pine Cones for Sale to make Homemade Jewelry with Knobcones are Beautiful

The pine cone form has a spine that spirals in perfect Fibonacci sequence in both directions, also referred to as a sacred geometry. Recognized in certain circles as the third eye, a reference to our pineal gland named after “pine” or “pinus” due to the pinecone shape, provide perception beyond ordinary sight opening from your energy center within.The knobcone pine cone pictured above is truly magnificent and over 5 inches in length and really knobby. 

 These unique knob cones are newly popular for making beautiful pendants and other jewelry due to the density of the middle. The morel knobs the more exceptional the pendants can be crafted. Cut down the middle the cone inside is absolutely gorgeous, each on unique for custom creations.  

This original eco jewelry starts with the knob cone pine trees (Pinus attenuata) grown in select areas of California and Oregon. The knobcone pine cone is developed on young trees and tightly circles the trunks ranging from 3-5 inches in size.  The pine cones has tough outer spines and only opens to release the seed when the temperature is excessively hot, recorded 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Knobcone pines are tough trees that grow well in poor soils with mature heights of 25-75 feet depending on the climatic conditions.  They are difficult to pick and have a protective layer of epoxy resin that keeps them closed as they are stuck to the trees for up to 50 years, depending on fires.

You can Make your Own Jewelry with these special Pine Cones 

These Pine Cone Pendants turned out Fantastic for Jason's Mother's Birthday 
This is the Second one Jason made looks like he has some amazing talent. Jason continues to make pendants and is an ongoing customer of House of Cones. 

Third eye pine cones make beautiful handmade jewelry

This brown pendant was Jason's First Attempt , Looks really good!

Knobcone Pendant made with Pine Cones


If you are looking to purchase our rare, Californian knobcone pine cones
in units of 4, 8 or 20, click here to shop.

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  • jenae ritchie on

    What kind of finish/clearcoat is best to use on these?

  • Cary Flank on

    Can you tell me what kind of knife I should use to cut the Pinecone?

  • Kyle on

    Hi, I received my knob cones and they are really great quality , and cutting is good with them. Thanks

  • Jim on

    The jewelry looks good, would like to try it myself , my wife loves these pendants, good info.

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