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Nature Inspired Interior Design with a Touch of Rustic

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 DIY Interior Design for you home this winter, add Pine Cones , affordable and easy . With the trend towards reclaimed wood and all things environmental, have a little fun by adding some pine cones for a  rustic back to nature feel. Simple and fun they can be seasonal or all year round. Coulter Pine Cones, the biggest pine cone is the world is pictured on this oak mantel in this cozy home. 

nature inspired interior desitn

Coulter Pine Cone on Mantel in Century House

rustic accents for interior decorating

The Torrey Pine Cones are smaller but pack a punch on Dresser
in this bedroom of Century Home 


interior decorating with pine cones

Light up your Living Area with Pine Cones intertwined with mini lights


hipster interior design trends

For a Cozy Farmhouse feel , add a few Pine Cones in the corner
like Loblolly Pine Cones 

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  • Rosemary on

    Love these pine cones, the giant one is amazing, I need one.

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